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​​​​​Integrated Care in Blayney

​Our aim in Blayney is to provide more holistic, patient-centred care for people with chronic and complex diseases including respiratory conditions, diabetes and heart disease.

Jackie Corliss leads the Blayney Integrated Care Local Leadership Group  which includes Dr Vijay (Blayney Family Medical Practice GP), Dr Samaan (Blayney Family Medical Practice GP), Kathy Hillier (Blayney Hospital Service Manager (HSM)), Deborah Higgs (Nurse Manager Blayney Multipurpose Service (MPS)), Pam Randall (Community Registered Nurse (RN)), Sally Angel (Blayney Family Medical Practice Nurse), Sean Duong (Pharmacist), Marjorie Davis (Blayney Family Medical Practice Manager), Andrew Muldoon (Acting Primary Community & Allied Health Manager Bathurst).

In April 2016, Keely Hooper joined the Integrated Care team as the Integrated Care Facilitator. Her job is to enroll patients, coordinate patient care plans and facilitate patient access to social and community services, such as Meals on Wheels, Centrelink Carers Allowance, or domestic cleaning services.​

The Blayney Integrated Care team is busy enrolling patients and investigating new models of care to support staff and health providers.​​

Since its inception the team have developed key networks with Orange Aboriginal Medical Service (OAMS) and the LHD's Oral Health Team to enhance dental services for Aboriginal clients, with a particular focus on the enrolled cohort in Blayney. This is a new service for the area and is conducted fornightly.

The team have also assisted with the enhanced physiotherapy and occupational theray services to Blayney residents. In addition, the sub acute team at Blayney MPS is also now able to offer outpatient appointments through the support of Bathurst Health Service.