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​​​​​Integrated Care in Dubbo

In Dubbo, Integrated Care is focused on improving health outcomes for Aboriginal people with type-2 diabetes.

Currently, type-2 diabetes affects a large number of Aboriginal people in Dubbo, with many more cases not reported or diagnosed.

The local Integrated Care team is partnered with the Dubbo Diabetes Clinic and other culturally appropriate health providers and social services to provide better education, access and treatment for Aboriginal people suffering from diabetes.

An important objective of Integrated Care in Dubbo is to create better awareness and education about type-2 diabetes via the network of community pharmacies.

Some of the Integrated Care team at Dubbo
(L to R) David Peebles, WNSW​LHD, Tabitha Jones, Emma Webster HETI, Debbie Beahan, Dubbo Diabetes Clinic DE, Leslie Wilcox WML DE, and Carey Golledge Practice Manager Dubbo AMS.

This includes encouraging people to register their diabetes with the National Diabetes Service Scheme (NDSS) to create understanding and treatment plans to help people better manage their diabetes and stay out of hospital.​