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​​​​​Integrated Care in Molong

​Integrated Care in Molong is led by HealthOne GP's and focuses on improving the health of people with chronic and complex conditions.

​The local Integrated C​are team in Molong provides patients, carers and families with access to a team of local health providers to deliver a more holistic approach to their care – mental, physical and social.

By centralising and sharing patients' medical history with the relevant health providers, Integrated Care aims to improve the management of chronic and complex conditions and reduce unnecessary hospital admissions.

Local care navigators have been appointed to manage the individual shared care plans and provide support and guidance to patients to ensure their health goals are met and they are able to stay healthy within their community and out of hospital.

The Integrated Care team at Molong.

The Molong Integrated Care team meets every fortnight and has representation from Molong HealthOne, the local pharmacy, Allied Health and Molong Hospital.​