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​ Integrated Care in Wellington

Improving the outcomes of Aboriginal patients with chronic and complex conditions is the core focus of Integrated Care in Wellington to help close the Aboriginal health gap.

Right now, 35.5% of deaths in Wellington are attributed to cardiovascular disease and the rate of diabetes is substantially higher in Wellington than the NSW average.

The team at WACHS

A local Integrated Care team has been set up with representation from Wellington Aboriginal Corporation Health Service (WACHS) and Community and Allied Health to develop a model of care that strengthens the links between the different health and social services to improve the health outcomes of patients.

The Integrated Care team is currently in the process of registering and enrolling patients. Enrolled patients will have a comprehensive GP led health assessment to create a personalised shared care plan that's relevant local health providers can access. The hope is to keep patients well within their community and help prevent hospital admissions.